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Top Tools You Can Use to Automate the Usual HR Processes with SharePoint

The Human Resource Department is one of the busiest departments in the office. It has to deal with a lot of tasks all at once. Some of these tasks are repetitive and yet they are still being done manually.

It will be an advantage to everyone who is working in HR to use a system that will make all of the processes easier and more manageable. SharePoint is one of the most common options that can be used. Other tools can help make the tasks feel less repetitive. All of the tasks can be done well. When the HR department is functioning properly, then there is a higher chance that the rest of the employees are also satisfied.

Using Microsoft Forms

The people who are working in the HR department should have a goal to learn the things that their employees would want. Microsoft Forms can provide some of the forms and surveys that employees can answer. Through their answers, the company will know what direction to take so that their employees can be happier. This can be easily accessed from their computers and smartphones too.

Generate Custom Workflows with Microsoft Flow

Automating repetitive tasks can help a lot of people. This can make the onboarding process more efficient and effective. The workflow can also make people a lot less confused with what they have to accomplish. All of the connected tasks can be done automatically to ensure a constant and working workflow.

Process Customer Requests

The HR department gets a lot of requests every day for different reasons. Some want to provide leave requests. Others are compensation requests and so much more. Through Microsoft Flow, these requests can be processed immediately. Plus, employees can view the status of their requests when they check their HR portal.

Plan Effectively with Microsoft Planner

You know that different teams and projects would be working on different tasks for the company. It will be hard to keep track of all of them. The details can all be available when Microsoft Planner is accessed. This will allow the HR department to keep track of all their responsibilities. They will also know if they are still within their timeline or not. This is also very collaborative which can be helpful for a lot of team members.

Create Apps for Employees with Microsoft PowerApps

You would like the HR executives to have the right apps that can help them with their workflow. Employees can also feel the advantage when an app is created for them to help them with work. Creating apps usually takes a lot of time and effort but Microsoft PowerApps will make this possible. There are already pre-built templates that are available. 

Whether you want to create an interview tool or you would like to have a suggestion box, this will be helpful for you.

All-in-One Solution with Lanteria

If you want to use something that will offer all of the things that your HR department would need, you can check out Lanteria. This human resource management system for SharePoint has a lot of things to offer. The fact that it can help employees manage the lifecycle of the organization is a definite plus.

This can provide employees with learning modules whenever there are some things that they do not understand. It will also inspire them to keep on learning. The more that they want to learn, the bigger their possible growth.

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