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How SharePoint Can Boost HR Operations

Can you name just one of the tasks that the HR department is supposed to work on? You can think of a lot, right? Just imagine the different tasks that they have to finish every day. It can be hard and repetitive to do these tasks. Some of the staff members feel uninspired because they feel like there is no progress.

They can be given proper help with that. Using SharePoint can give the assistance that they need. Remember that the growth of other people in the company will depend on the services that the HR department can give. 

Possible Challenges Faced by Organizations

The bigger the organization, the larger the problems are going to be. There are more people to think about and manage. Organizations also need to follow certain business models. The HR department should be familiar with what their business model is. This way, they can come up with the right plan to boost HR operations. Their knowledge and using SharePoint will make a lot of difference.

  • Management Changes – This will always be a problem for those in HR. The workflow and the operations of the business will also change. Different strategies and policies would need to be processed properly. If these are not implemented properly, work morale will be affected.
  • Being Able to Adapt to Innovation – You need to remember that there are so many things that are changing. The more that companies can adapt to these changes, the better that they will be able to cope. Shifts in technology can be easier with the use of SharePoint.
  • Employees Should Comply with Policies – How will the employees comply when they do not even know what the policies are? This is why using SharePoint is important. You can upload all of the content that they are searching for on the HR portal. Whenever they have some questions or if they want to clarify a few things, they can just check the portal and find what they need.

Using SharePoint to Boost HR Operations

The HR department is going through a lot every single day. They deserve to have their operations boosted. The more that they feel that they are being supported and helped, the more that they will become inspired to do their tasks well.

  • Enablement of Access through Mobile Phones – There are a lot of people who are working remotely and they like it. At times, there are just a few things that they need to know. It will be a hassle to still turn on their laptops just to check some details. Completing simple tasks and updates can be done through their mobile phones. Employees will be grateful for this.
  • SharePoint can be used as an HR Portal – Employees can get the documents that they are searching for through the portal. This means that people from HR do not have to spend time anymore on some calls and messages that can hinder them from being productive. All of the documents will be digitized too and can also be submitted digitally.
  • Automate Leave Requests – There are a lot of requests that the HR department gets every day. Some of these requests are demanding and would require immediate attention. Using Microsoft Flow with SharePoint will make this process automated. Employees can check the status of their leave. They will also know if their leave has been approved or denied.
  • HR Announcements – Can you imagine if this would be done manually? Everyone would need to be sent an email. It is also likely that you even have to send messages. By using SharePoint, you can have an announcement board available. All of the announcements that you need to place will be put up there. Employees can just check to find out the latest details about the company. 
  • Onboarding, Offboarding, and Training – Employees may come and go. Companies who are good to their employees will manage to retain their employees more. You can use SharePoint to onboard new employees. Those who are leaving the company should be reminded of the things that they can and cannot do. They should also know the things that they can and cannot access anymore. All employees also need to undergo training from time to time. Through the portal, all of these things can be done easily. HR can focus on other tasks.

There are still a lot of features that can be improved but SharePoint is going to be effective in helping the HR department lighten the load. As long as SharePoint is properly built, all of these things will be possible.

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