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3 Ways that SharePoint Workflow Can Be Shared

One of the busiest departments in the office is the human resource department. This department would need to do a lot of tasks every single day. Some of the tasks are repetitive. It can cause a lot of people to become stressed.

Proper streamlining is going to be important so that employees can remain productive. It can be hard to do the same things every single day. Most employees would like to see progress and change. At the same time, they want to have a steady process that they can follow so that they can reach the goals of the department.

Employee’s Expense Reimbursement

Let us say that one of your employees returned from a business trip. All of the things that your employee had to spend while she was on a trip were paid using her credit card. She has already submitted the email listing all of the expenses that she paid with all of the receipts and balance statements for proof.

Using a manual process can take several weeks before the reimbursement can take place. What if the employee does not want to wait for a long time? SharePoint can be the solution that you are searching for. You can create custom approval workflows that will be done whenever this scenario arises.

Employee’s Paid Time Off Request

Your employee has taken a paid time off. Your human resource department is in charge of checking all of these requests. This is still paper-based so it may take some time before the time-off will be approved. There are also times when the employee in charge of checking the request will not be able to track everything.

The solution that is available in this situation is using SharePoint. This will allow you to have a system that can organize requests properly. By using SharePoint, you can have the following advantages:

  • You will allow the employees to see the status of the paid time off request you have sent.
  • Supervisors can also check the time-off request.
  • The calendar can be accessible to the organization if it would be required. 

New Employee’s Onboarding

What if one of your employees in the HR department would need to onboard a lot of employees in a short amount of time. You can just imagine how exhausting this would be especially if it would be done only by one person. It will also be tedious to manage and track the completion of each onboarding.

The best solution to this is to use SharePoint yet again. The tasks that may sometimes take from a few weeks to a month can be done in a shorter amount of time. You can do a compilation of all of the needed tasks so that a cohesive workflow can be created. The tasks can be set to private or public depending on who needs to see them.

There are even other scenarios wherein SharePoint can be very useful. Improve the processes that are being done by your HR department when you check what this tool has to offer.

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